Best ATV Snow Plow Reviews

So, you are finally thinking of buying an ATV new snow plow. Over the years, the industry of snow plow went through changes. Most of it is because of the innovation of new products that make the task easier, safer, and faster.

The creation of new products goes 2 ways; it does make snow plowing easier, but it makes buying a snow plow more tedious because there is a lot to choose from.

In order to make it easier for you, there are essential facts that you will find here, especially on what you need to consider before buying a snow plow. It is important that you know what to look for because it can get confusing and sometimes these manufacturers have a lot of products that you can choose from. You also need to know the facts about them so that you will learn a lot. In addition, there are 5 products you will find here that you can buy because it can be very confusing to look at thousands of products without knowing which ones are recommended among them.

What you need to consider


horsepower – Generally, machines that are under 450cc should not be using a UTV snow plow that is above 54” because snow can be heavy and a snowplow is not light. Your UTV should have ample power and weight that bears down the front wheels so that it can be effective. If you do not have it, you will not be able to push or turn the UTV snow plow when there is snow in it. Machines that are 500cc and above can take a 60” blade.

Straight vs. V

These 2 types of plows both have a lot of strength to make you plow snow effectively. Straight blades are still more saleable because they are less expensive compared to the v-blade. Although, because of the different v-plow capabilities, it can direct snow differently than what a straight blade can do. The “scoop” position is a v-plow that is able to stack snow a lot better than straight blade. A v-plow can slice through snow that has been frozen overnight without any trouble. While it is in a “v” position, the sharp arrowhead configuration can cut through hardened snow a lot better and faster than a straight blade’s edge, making it easier for the plow to operate. The truck and operator will also not have a hard time.

The clearing width

This is dependent on what you need to plow. A lot of the sidewalks are about 60” to 66” and most of the driveways are 120” except if you are planning to plant seeds on the landscape around the sidewalk during spring, it would be a good decision to choose a plow that can be for both. You need to measure your ATV’s width. It is crucial to be aware of your machine’s width from one front tire’s outer edge to another tire’s outer edge. You want to buy a blade that is going to span the tire’s width. This is going to give a clean path for your tires to have a good grip for plowing. Remember that when you are taking a full left or right, a plow is not going to clear the blade’s full width. You need to make sure that you have room for width loss when you have turned.

The plow materials – Poly, Mild Steel, or Stainless Steel


If you ate going to do commercial snow plow work, all of these materials will be fine. However, each of them have their own set of strengths and weaknesses.

Out of the 3, poly is the slickest. Snow is now going to stick to the blade and it will easily slide off quickly. Poly does not easily get scratched, dented, or corroded. Therefore, a lot of snow professionals are switching to a poly fleet. However, there is a misconception that steel weighs more poly, which is untrue. Actually, a lot of poly plows weight more than steel due to the reinforced steel framework that is behind the moldboard of the poly.

Stainless steel does not corrode and there is a little advantage over steel when it comes to “slickness.” There are people who consider it to be more aesthetically pleasing. Consequently, dents and scratches appear more on this type of material. Any rocks that you hit are going to leave a mark on your plow. During this time, this may seem unsightly and may have an effect on how the plow performs.

It is no secret that mild steel is the standard in the industry. It is what they have been using for decades to manufacture plow. They use zinc powder coating to treat steel plows so that rust is prevented. However, rust still occurs over time. Mild steel plows are still what people rely on for durability because it is also rigid and valuable.

Your budget

You should have a budget for your snow plow, and there are a lot of options you can choose from in terms of size and shape. There are differences when it comes to prices because of the materials used to make the snow plow. When you are checking prices for a snow plow, make sure to also consider the cost of installation. The blade material come in 3 kinds: mild steel, stainless steel, and poly. Each material has their own benefits, but make sure to consider the pros and cons.

Ease of use

Winter is a rough season and you should be able to attach the plow even in worst conditions it can take, like in the snow, dark, ice, grime, salt and sleet. When you are buying a plow, you should evaluate the attachment system as they could be different depending on the manufacturer. One of the main considerations made by people is the attachment system’s ease of use. You should be able to attach it to your truck quickly so you can start plowing. Snow contractors consider an attachment that can easily switch between several trucks, which could also vary depending on the manufacturer.


Lift system

It could be hydraulic, winch, or manual. Traditionally, winches have become the most famous lift system choice for UTV plows because people normally own a winch so they can use it for other purposes. One disadvantage of a winch system is that they can give you problems under extreme cold so it takes longer for you to finish. On the other hand, manual is going to give you a good workout. If you own several properties in a large area, do not consider a manual lift system. Hydraulic lifts cost more, but it is worth it. If you count the lessened time plowing with improved scarping and back dragging function a hydraulic system is going to answer for itself with more time.

New vs. used snow plow

If you opted to buy a 2nd hand snow plow, make sure to do a thorough inspection of the equipment. Make sure that you have a full understanding of how you are going to use the equipment. A used commercial snow equipment may cost less, but that does not automatically mean it will be easy to use or has the same efficiency as new snow plows. In certain situations, spending more money to buy a new plow is going to be your best option.


There are a lot of mounting options available with the majority of them being specific on the vehicle, you are going to find snow plows that say they are universal. The most popular mounting styles are receiver pockets or front receiver. A receiver hitch will position itself higher and allow additional ground clearance. At the same time, receiver pocket styles of mounting is going to give more stability because there will be 2 points of contact compared to the hitches that only have 1.


Trip system

This could either be full-trip or trip edge. If you have experience driving a pickup plow and come across an object that is hidden, you are aware that a full-trip moldboard is going to give you a good jerk that might make you jump off your seat if you failed to buckle in. Full-trip moldboards can be for pickups, but a trip-edge is better for UTVs. It is because there is less snow when an object is accidentally hit and it will cost less equipment damage if you choose trip-edge.

Top 5 Best ATV Snow Plow Reviews 2017

1. WARN 79958 ProVantage 72” Side x Side Straight Blade


It is made out of 12-gauge steel that is thick and the rubbing is heavy duty. For more rigidity, there is a cross center member and additional support comes from the box design. The plow is coated with a special low-friction powder as its finish to prevent the materials from attaching to the blade. The dimensions are 21 x 76 x 8” and the weight is 123 lbs.

The 12-gauge steel has reinforcing ribs and the plow bases are durable, with plow skids that are extra-large to deliver great performance. These center-mount blades have rotating pivot assemblies with a long-lasting and large diameter that have a smooth blade that can be depended on for years of service. The center-mounting system is for extra stability and rigidity when you are performing plowing operations.


  • Even if I used it on a gravel driveway and through the woods, the bar does not have any signs of use
  • I used it on my ATV and it does what is supposed to do so they do not practice false advertisement
  • The blade is solid and heavy duty so I know it is going to last long
  • check-circle
    It required some assembly, but it was easy and I was able to use it soon enough
  • check-circle
    It arrived on my doorstep the day I expected it to and they have an awesome customer service


  • The blade is a little hard to dislodge, but that is not a major problem for me

I like this blade and I think people should buy it because money will not be wasted. The blade is very durable so I know it will last for years.

2. Extreme Max 5500.5010 UniPlow One-Box ATV Plow


It is a UniPlow with a one-piece blade and a multi-position that is 50” wide, 16” high plow blade that has a 3/16” grade 50 gusseting. There are 2 sides, 3/16” grade 50 steel bar that has 8 bolts with tough skid pads that can be adjusted. The mounts are behind the wheels, and the transfer plowing force is for a smoother and more effective plowing. It can fit square, round, and Polaris Sportsman type of frames. All of the mounting hardware are included in the package. The Uni-Plow Push type of tube is welded for a faster installation. The plow components have a lasting black powder-coat finish. There is a 1-year warranty for this product. Its dimensions are 50 x 0.2 x 16” and the weight is 92.1 pounds.


  • The price is not too good to be true because it has awesome quality
  • I found the installation and assembly pretty easy because they did not consume a lot of my time
  • check-circle
    The design is built with a lot of options so it can fit into any application
  • check-circle
    The mounting bracket went onto my ATV without giving me any trouble
  • check-circle
    In terms of wear and tear, the plow frame, angle adjust, and blade springs did not lose their shape
  • check-circle
    There was a time when I needed to ram the snow harder, but the plow did not have difficulty at all


  • The blade has a bit more width than the sidewalk, but it is still a good plow

This is one of the most reasonable plows you can buy without losing its quality and the installation is very easy.

3. Swisher 2645R 50” Universal ATV Plow Blade


The 50” blade is made using a 1/8” steel and it has a heavy-duty construction that comes with extra support for strong jobs such as moving the gravel and sand. It has a unique inch dual engage-inch selection system that gives 2 locks for a plow angle. The position is a dual-lock angle that can hold the plow at a certain angle; with an 18 to 24” lift height. There is a required universal mounting kit; the plow is attachable and removable without using tools. The product dimensions are 52 x 12 x 19.5” and the weight is 107 lbs. if you want to have other lifting options, this plow is attachable to a manual lift or a winch.


  • This is a great product that has saved me several times because it is well-built and the construction is heavy duty
  • Even if it is a bit pricey, I highly recommend it especially if you are going to get a manual lift because it is a battery saver
  • check-circle
    The instructions are well-written because they are detailed and I was able to follow them easily which made assembly a breeze
  • check-circle
    It is fantastic for clearing the driveway and other run-offs that are gathered after a heavy rain
  • check-circle
    The plow is beefy, and it is indeed a great addition to help you with snow plowing


  • I do not recommend it for moving dirt, but it is definitely awesome for snow plowing

I enjoy using this product because it really gets the job done and I do mind the price because it is worth every penny.

4. WARN 78950 ProVantage 50" Straight Plow Blade


The plow is constructed from a thick steel with 12 gauges and built with heavy-duty ribbing. There is a cross member at the center for more rigidity and the boxed design adds more support. The dimension of the plow is 51.5 x 18.8 x 6.4” and the weight is 56.2 lbs. The design of the plow us carefully done from the ground all the way up making it versatile, high-performing, and durable plow systems available. Connecting it is easy with accessories that are useful and innovative. It is a complete plow system that you can buy with your money. There is warranty for the parts and manufacturer’s warranty is available upon request from the customer service.


  • It Is obviously made with heavy-duty steel and even the wear blade
  • The fit and finish of this plow is great. It is easily mountable on the front mount
  • check-circle
    Mounting it takes only about 3 hours and it shipped fast on amazon compared to other retailers
  • check-circle
    The blade is wider than others, which can be very useful if you are plowing a lot of snow
  • check-circle
    The tube assembly is not hard even if it can take a while to install
  • check-circle
    The plow is exactly like how it is advertised on amazon so you can expect it to be a great product


  • It tends to warp easily, but mine did only after a lot of use so it is not a big issue for me

This is a reliable plow you can buy even if it costs a bit more because it will give you exactly what you need.

5. Kolpin X-Factor Plow in a Box - 10-0520


It is 52” with a 14-gauge steel blade that has double layers of steel at the center. It is a heavy-duty steel and tube steel frame with 3 parts. There is an easy push tube with an on/off option and the 5-position right/left angles of the blade. The dimensions of the product are 32 x 19.6 x 9.5” and the weight is 93.5 lbs. There is a warranty for the parts.   


  • The plow is really good for driveways and the mounting fits great
  • I received it in less than 3 days from the day I ordered it
  • check-circle
    Everything was there and it was like how I expected it to be
  • check-circle
    I have been using it for 2 years and I have not experienced any trouble with it
  • check-circle
    It has withstood challenges remarkably and putting it together is easy
  • check-circle
    The blade is constructed using 3 sections which is awesome
  • check-circle
    The plow I received is awesome and it is larger than what I expect it to be so plowing snow has become a breeze for me because I have this one
  • check-circle
    The price is reasonable and using it is easy


  • The one they sent me was bent, but their customer is quick to respond and replaced the item right away without asking too many questions

I like this plow for removing snow from my driveway and it has been with me for 2 years so I can definitely say that it is durable and will be helpful during winter.

Snow plowing tips

  • When you are stacking snow that are in piles, the blade should be set straight forward and never angled
  • Before plowing, always know the terrain
  • If you are transporting a blade, secure it using retainer brackets and pins
  • Do not go over 65 MPH when traveling with a snow plow
  • You should never pile snow that is not on your property, the streets, sidewalks, near fire hydrants, water drains, etc.
  • When plowing, always follow the specifications of the manufacturer
  • Before you push snow across any road, check if it is legal to do so because local regulations may differ depending on the state or city
  • Do not plow snow while your head is sticking out the window because an unexpected stop may cause persona injury
  • A very important technique to remember is to always be courteous, cautious, and use your common sense

After knowing what to consider before buying a snow plow, you can choose from the 5 products mentioned in this post. Once you have bought the snow plow, the snow plowing tips are what you need to follow to ensure your safety at all times.

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