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When you are out on an adventure on your ATV you want all your equipment to in an easy accessible and safe place. It is legal requirement that you have a safe place in which you put your gun during movement on your ATV. It goes without saying that trying to hold onto your short gun or rifle while climbing that hill or trying to get through deep mud or going through a creek can be fatal. In addition to that, your children may want to go hunting with you to see how things get done and for fun. As we all know, children have a much-heightened curiosity and like to mimic grown-ups. It is therefore obvious that you will need a way to keep your rifle in a safe place for the sake of your safety and that of your children or anyone else you may be riding with. 

To solve this transportation and storage problem, manufacturers have introduced ATV gun racks to help you move around with your gun without it posing any danger to you or to people you may be with. As it is with other ATV accessories, you will likely be faced with overwhelming options due to the different brands and makes available in the market. This article will, however, impart you with the necessary knowledge to help you choose the ATV gun rack that is best suited for your needs. I am also going to review some of the best ATV gun racks to give you some options you can choose from. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best ATV Gun Rack  

Just as it is with other ATV accessories, you do not just go to a shop and pick just any gun rack you come across. This is because there is way more than meets the eye. There are some factors you need to consider to help you make an informed decision for right ATV gun rack.


What type of ATV gun rack are you looking to buy? Is it within the range of your budget? If not, which other ATV gun rack make can meet your needs at a lower price? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before walking into any shop. The goal here is to remain within your budget but still get something that will meet your needs and serve the purpose for which you bought it for.

Though it is believed that only expensive things can deliver, it does not mean that cheap accessories cannot live up to what they were made for. It is therefore essential to buy what you can afford at the moment without straining yourself. If you want one of the expensive gun rack brands, you can start saving early enough so that it does not cost you much.


The second most important thing you need to consider when purchasing almost everything. We all want value for our hard earned money. No one wants to keep buying the same thing over and over again while the money can be put to better use. Being an ATV owner would mean that you are an extreme terrain enthusiast just as having a riffle with you would mean that you engage in hunting hence the woodlands are you day to day terrain. With this, you will want a sturdy gun rack that will not get scratched or damaged as you drive along your trail. It should also be durable enough to be able to hold your rifles weight with any breakages before the warranty expires and even way after it is no longer valid. 



The ATV gun rack you choose to purchase should be such that it matches your rifle. It should make handling your firearm easier, convenient and comfortable. Buying a gun rack whose style does not match your firearm or firearms, it will most likely make work more difficult than easier for you. While shopping, therefore, looks for a gun rack that was made your type of rifle and ATV.


When settling on the best gun rack for your All-Terrain Vehicle, it is, important to consider its mounting. As you should know by now, different gun racks will mount on different ATVs differently while others are universal. It is, therefore, crucial to ensure that the gun rack you buy is compatible regarding mounting with your All-Terrain Vehicle to be sure that you do not end up with an accessory you might not be able to use. It is advisable to go for a gun rack that has a universal mount to avoid experiencing mounting problems.


We all want flexibility in almost everything we buy. For example, if the shoes we buy had some way of being adjusted to accommodate our ever growing feet, I bet we would have one pair of shoe for a long time. The same applies to anything that costs us money. As far as All-Terrain Vehicle gun racks are concerned, it is advisable to go for a gun rack that can be easily adjusted in between the different sizes of firearms you may have. It should also be adjustable in mounting ways regarding space available on your ATV. Go for a gun rack that has an easy adjustment to allow flexibility, convenience and efficiency when need be. 

What are the Benefits of Using an ATV Gun Rack? 


It goes without saying that a gun rack has numerous benefits be it at home or on your All-Terrain Vehicle. Some of these benefits are but not limited to the following:

Saves you space

Imagine having to drive your ATV without a gun rack. Where you will possibly put your firearms in case, you are hunting more than one gun. You will have to put the guns on the passenger seat which would mean that no one can seat on those seats. On the other hand, if you had to put your firearms in the trunk of your track would mean that you have less space to store other things you may need to carry. It is for this reason that I say that gun racks save space. After mounting the rack on your ATV, you can easily store your rifles without eating into space that can be used for passengers or storing other things you may need.

Ensures that your guns are safe

Having firearms on your ATV translates to hunting which cannot be done on a smooth terrain. This means that your trail will more often than not be extreme, bumpy and rough. How many bumps and hits can firearms rested on the passenger seat or in the trunk take? I suppose very few before it can get damaged and broken. However, with ATV gun racks, your firearms will stay in place no matter how many bumps you hit on your way to your hunt game.

Prevents and reduces gun fatalities

Driving your ATV with guns not properly stored can be fatal and may result in injuries. Think of it this way, on a rough and bumpy terrain; anything can happen. The rifle can hit you and cause injuries due to momentum. In cases where you are required to hold onto the gun, it may bruise you hence an injury. When your guns are well stored on your ATV gun rack, however, chances of anything going wrong are ruled out one hundred percent hence one of the many benefits of having an ATV gun rack.


The cost at which an ATV gun rack comes is way cheaper and affordable compared to the work the gun rack does for you. In addition to that, there are several brands in the market hence you as a buyer has a pool to choose from. The availability of variety allows one to buy what comes easy for them that is either high-end gun racks or low-end gun racks.

Easy to install


Another benefit that comes with the All-Terrain Vehicle gun racks is their easy installation and mounting. ATV gun racks do not require any professional installation. Anyone can easily mount them and use them by simply following the instructional manual that comes with it.

Auxiliary storage

In addition to gun rack serving as storage units for firearms like shotguns, it also serves as a storage unit for gun components and accessories.  This means that you detach your gun components and accessories and store them all separately on the gun rack and later assemble them. This increases safety significantly as curious children cannot be able to put the gun together by themselves hence reduced chances of accidents.

Top 5 Best ATV Gun Racks Reviews 2017

1. Kolpin Rhino Grip – Double – 21505


Kolpin Rhino Grip is the best gun rack for anyone who is looking for a multifunctional gun rack to help in conveniently moving their gun and other essential gun components and accessories. This gun rack is best suited for ATVs and UTVs though it can be used with a variety of other vehicles.

Its design assures maximum support and sturdiness. Kolpin Rhino Grip features an offset mounting design that ensures maximum space for firearm or rifle storage. This gun rack is made of durable and flexible rubber grips that can accommodate lightweight Gun materials.

Kolpin Rhino only comes in pairs and calls for the use of drilling machines during installation due to mounting. It comes in four styles namely;

  • Window suction cup
  • Double
  • Single
  • share-square
    Window/wall mount Adhesive

The safety of your firearm gear is assured as anything stored in this rack will not easily fall off or get removed as the rubber strips and strong, flexible static grips ensure that your firearm gear is safely gripped.


  • It is durable
  • Assures you of maximum safety
  • Has a universal fit
  • check-circle
    It is easy to mount
  • check-circle
    Comes in pairs which makes it cheap
  • check-circle
    Has a variety of styles


  • It can be quite small
  • Requires drilling during installation

2. Kolpin Rhino Grip XL - UTV Roll Bar Mount - 21535


Kolpin Rhino Grip is a one of a kind extra-large gun rack that allows an adjustable 360-degree rotation. Not only does it feature 360-degree rotations but also allows a tilt of up to 180 degrees that allows the operator to tilt it to the angle that suits them most as well as accommodating different mounting techniques.

Kolpin Rhino XL is made in such a way that it has a universal design that allows it to be used by or fit a variety of vehicles. Kolpin Grip XL is constructed with a very durable and flexible rubber that allows it to last a long time even after being mounted on your ATV. Not only is Kolpin Grip XL good for storing your firearms but also helps you in storing your riffles components. 

Its large size allows you to store more than one firearm in case you have more than one rifle.


  • Has a universal fit
  • It is easy to install
  • It is large enough to hold more than one firearm
  • check-circle
    It stores other gun accessories and components
  • check-circle
    Can be used to store other things aside from guns and their components
  • check-circle
    Can rotate and tilt
  • check-circle
    It is durable

3. ATV Tek VFG1 V-Grip Single Rider Gun/Bow/Tool Rack


Like Kolpin Rhino Grip, ATV Tek VFGI- V has a 360-degree rotation that makes it possible for you to rotate to any angle you would want. ATV Tek is designed in such a way that its grip does not leave any scratch marks on your firearm. It is made to accommodate one a single riffle.

Though it best suited for ATVs, UTVs and trucks, Tek VFGI- V can be easily mounted or installed on any other vehicle with the help of its smart block mounting technological system. In addition to that, it has a variable fit technology which simply means or enables it to accommodate any gun.

For those people who have different types of firearms at different intervals, Tek VFIG is the best choice as it is flexible enough to hold different gun types. It is also preferred due to durability and flexibility in addition to its lightweight nature.


  • It can be mounted on a variety of vehicles
  • Can hold different gun types
  • Is durable and flexible
  • check-circle
    Has a 360 degree rotate


  • Can only hold one firearm at a time.

4. Maggift Grip Rhino Holder,Mount Rifle Gun Rack


Maggift Grip Rhino Holder is also one of the few gun racks that features a 360/degree rotate and a 0- 180-degree tilt design that makes working with it very easy and convenient.  It is designed to allow storage of different gun types during movement.

It has a rubber strap, and two strong and sturdy clamps that secure your rifle is firmly but softly secured at the same time. Like another gun rack, it can be fitted on any vehicle besides ATVs or UTVs. It can be easily mounted on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. Like any other gun rack, it is highly flexible and durable


  • It lasts a long time
  • It is flexible
  • Can rotate and tilt
  • check-circle
    Can be used on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • check-circle
    Can accommodate different gun types

5. ATV Tek VFGH V-Grip Rider Handlebar Rack


Like no other ATV gun rack, Tek VFGH V comes in a three slot design in which there is a slot for the soft gun, one for the riffle and one for the bow. This, in turn, makes it the most versatile gun rack. Its flexibility, therefore, allows for a customized fit for a variety of gun types. It also features the 360-degree rotation design.

It also features an advanced smart mount block tech system that allows it to easily mount on any vehicle without any problems. It also features Air Tek suspension in addition to its sturdy straps that enables your gun to be protected against all vibrations and shock during movement hence keeping it in good shape.


  • Offers shock and vibrations protection
  • Can accommodate different gun types
  • Has a 360-degree rotation

As you can see from the benefits, it is clear that ATV gun racks do more good than harm to you hence all the more reason to ensure that you have your pair. With the guidelines above, you now have a clue of how to go about getting a pair of gun racks for your ATV. The five best ATV gun racks are just a few of some of the brands topping the market chart, but that does not mean that they are the only ones. Go for what works for you in all ways and what best serves your needs as we may all have the same problem but needing different solutions.

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